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Testimonials from satisfied clients throughout the years. 

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Picture of Kim Stacy

Kim Stacy, MFA

Back in 2004, I went through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, separation, and a major move out of state with 5 children. Needless to say, I was an emotional wreck.  Heidi was recommended to me through my Insurance Company and even though her services were primarily focused on children, I was probably her oldest one. Her genuine sincerity, personalized treatment, and professionalism were very evident. Through weekly sessions, Heidi helped me tremendously with my emotional state which eventually led to a true friendship after I no longer needed her professional help. I highly recommend "Taylor Supervised Visitation" for all ages that are in need of her expertise and services. Thank You so much, Heidi.

Picture of Elijah J

Elijah J.

Really great person to be supervised by. Heidi had good conversation and new what she was doing. The kids where also very comfortable with her. Her rules where not stricken and that allowed me to spend the time with the kids that I needed..

Picture of Stephani K

Stephani K.

I love Dr. Taylor! She is great! We can relate due to some losses we have encountered in life. A lot of the previous therapists I've seen over the last year have only done appointments over the phone. I really appreciate that Heidi is willing to see me in person. I feel like that's really important for therapy. She is kind and funny. Professional and always on time. I feel heard with her. I look forward to seeing her every week and always feel better after talking with her. Thank you Heidi you rock!!

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