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Dr. Taylor has been an absolutely precious find. In my custody battle regarding my youngest son, she has been very fair and neutral in managing two parents who don't care much for each other AND has connected solidly with the son we have in common. He loves her being around and my ex is very comfortable when Dr. Taylor is around too. It is also nice to be able to ask my son to save certain questions to discuss when she is there, being a licensed psychologist. That is a huge benefit. Also, Dr. Taylor is very timely in communicating, very clear about how to structure my time with my son, and always does what she says she will do.


~Brent N. - SoMa San Francisco, CA


Dr. Taylor is amazing! I was having issues sending my 9 year old daughter to someone i didn't know. she came highly recommended to me and i am so glad I put trust in her. she has been so great to my daughter and really helped me in understanding her better! my daughter respects and loves her. She truly is one of a kind!


~Brandon S. - San Francisco, CA


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Heidi is a very professional and loving human being. She helped our family for years as we navigated through visitation during some rough times. I trust her with my kids and their safety 200%. Heidi is always honest and forthcoming about her experiences and what goes on in her line of work. I have the upmost respect for this woman and the many hats she wears. Highly recommend!

~Sarah N. - Palm Springs


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Heidi has been seeing my 10-year-old for about a year now and we loved her from our first meeting. She exudes kindness and calm and It has been so helpful for my daughter to have someone to talk to while handling some big changes. My daughter always looks forward to her visits and considers Heidi a friend. I love that she has such a calm, safe space to share what's happening in her world.

~Alexander S. - Ventura County


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Hi Heidi! First off I want to thank you so much for your positive and welcoming energy. Through all these hard times I’m sometimes grateful that I’m going through this. I’ve met so many wonderful people. So many people only doing their job but making such a difference in my life. I will always remember this Tim and you for helping me through it. Sanaya was comfortable around you and still asks when we will see you again. The judge did grant unsupervised visits! We’re both excited. I just wanted to thank you for everything. I will still have to drive once a month down that way so I hope we cross paths again. You’re great Heidi! We will miss our visits with you! 

~Stephanie Ruiz

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Dr. Taylor is just outstanding, I can’t put into words enough how professional and caring this woman is. She helped me through some of the darkest times and was easy to talk to and had sound advice... she went above and beyond what was called for because she loves children. We love her.

~Tiffany Thompson


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There are times in parents' life when supervised visitation is necessary to get back on track, and put the child first. It can however be uncomfortable, finding Heidi Taylor for supervised visits was not only a blessing it was the most awesome experience we could have had in this situation. Reuniting with my son's daughter, and my granddaughter was a beautiful experience with Heidi overseeing. Not only is she professional she is personal when it comes to being able to communicate with, and I am happy to add that I will be keeping her as a friend.! She is a delightful person with a calm spirit. And this made the process so much better. We are on to healing and living life! Thank you Heidi for all you have done for the last 5 months. If you find yourself needing monitored visits you certainly should give this beautiful human a call you won't be disappointed and I'm sure that both parties will love her it worked out for us this way!!!

~Laura Mare D - Simi Valley, CA  


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Heidi is the consummate professional. Well-written reports was always on time and kept the best interests of the children at the forefront of her work.


~Michael W. - Newbury Park, CA


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I just finished using Heidi Taylors service for supervised visitation. I am going through a divorce and my ex accused me of things that were not true. And because of that I was given only one hour a week of supervised visitation. It is very humiliating and humbling to have this done for false accusations. So you can imagine my anger and lack of desire to have a "supervisor" for my 2 1/2 year old son. Also my lack of desire to even deal with the whole situation of "supervised" visitation. With that being said it is what had to be done to get my sons back. 

Heidi is such a easy going & wonderful person to deal with. She in no way sees the woman's side. But instead the child's side. I felt very comfortable and not judged by her. You can really tell she realizes how important the fathers role is to their son. Also she is very very smart. I had a lawyer who could not explain in easy terms the courts orders. Although she is not an attorney she summed up all my paperwork in about a 5 minute conversation. She had spent time and read the entire court order which was quite lengthy. 

Also she pointed out items in the court order that showed I had certain other rights. My attorney never took the time or maybe he didn't understand the verbiage in the court order. Needless to say I fired him and hired someone else after realizing Heidi pointed these things out. 

Basically if you are a man and want someone to use who will allow you to feel comfortable, non-judged, and like a normal human being please call her. Also she is soooo easy and flexible when it comes to scheduling. My ex was not a easy person to arrange a time with but Heidialways found a way to make a time for me and my son. 

Lastly to all the fathers. HANG IN THERE! I am proud to say I have just received a 50/50 custody agreement with my ex. And as I write this review I am on my second day of a four day holiday weekend with both of my sons. 

~Rich S. 

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Dr. Heidi Taylor came highly recommended and using her services as the supervisor for my visitations with my son was truly the best decision I could have made.  She is very professional, kind, punctual, and really seems to care about her clients and their children's being.  This was a very difficult and stressful time for both my son and me, however, Dr. Taylor did an excellent job of facilitating visits in a positive and uplifting environment, which is extremely helpful during this tough time in our lives.  I would highly recommend Dr. Heidi Taylor's services and I feel her years of experience and credentials make her by far the best choice for supervised visitation in the area!


~Jackson G. - Ventura, CA


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I just wanted to thank you again for your time as well as for sending me pictures from our visit. You were not only professional but very friendly and made an awkward situation not awkward at all. Thank you for that as well.


If I need to have further supervised visits (hopefully not) I will definetely be in contact. 


Best regards,


~AJ Brownell

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If you are looking for supervised visitation stop here you have found her!!! Court orders for supervised visitation can be a stressful experience for the family and pocketbook. Most supervisors are outlandishly priced and you spend time in an 8x8 cubical... not fun. Dr. Taylor is affordable. Better than that she is the best supervisor here in Cali. She helped just by being flexible with her schedule and met my family's needs of locations and arrangements. Dr. Taylor also is great with the children during drop-off and pick-up and fully understands the hardships the children and parents are going thru and has empathy for each. Having that quality makes for a great professional in this type of career makes these hard times not so hard. Doing good and showing Dr. Taylor that you are a capable and deserving parent will also help you because her word on that stand can help tremendously in complicated custody situations. All in all my experience with Dr. Taylor has been excellent considering my situation I got myself into. She threw me down a ladder to help me get out of a hole I found myself in, and that was priceless.

~Matt A. - Ventura, CA


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During the time I was a female non-custodial parent, many of the court ordered visits with my special needs daughter, Emily, were cancelled due to the unavailability of our previous professional supervisor.

Faced with the daunting task of finding a "mutually agreeable" replacement professional supervisor with greater availability including holiday visits, I began my search through many websites and phone calls.

I thank G-D every day that Heidi answered my call!

Heidi is prompt, bright, kind, non-judgemental and possesses a calmness that proved especially important during visits with Emily.

Emily had Rett's syndrome and was Non-verbal. Emily's brain and little body mostly needed a calm environment to decompress, sometimes just sleeping in my arms for most of the visit, other times watching the birds in the backyard and breeze blowing the leaves in the trees.

I will be forever grateful for Heidi's facilitation of the precious visit time with my special needs daughter who passed away unexpectedly last summer.

Heidi is an invaluable asset to those families that require either temporary or long-term supervised visitation and always puts the child's needs first.

~Gina D

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During one of the hardest trials in my life, Dr. Taylor was the one bright spot. She didn't make it seem like a negative experience, but was very warm and welcoming towards me and my daughters. As a father fighting to be a part of his daughter's life, Heidi's friendly smile watching me interact with my daughters, and always building me up and inspiring me to be the father I am truly will be a positive experience I will always remember.

~Michael B. - Simi Valley, CA


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Unfortunately, I had to deal with a false accusation and until the court threw the case out, I had to have supervised visitation with my kids. It can be a very humiliating thing as a parent to be forced to have someone else watch you with your kids like you've done something wrong when you haven't, and pay them to do it. But that was the lot I found myself and my attorney recommended Heidi to me. It was honestly one of the best decisions I could have made during this time. Absolutely worth the cost. Heidi is professional and well trained (I've heard horror stories about people just going with random people from the court list). She is fantastic with the kids, super accommodating when it comes to the schedule, flexible when changes need to be made, and is so kind during what is a really hard season of life. She takes detailed notes during the visits and supplies a report afterward for how the visits were which are worth their weight in gold.

I cannot imagine going through this difficult time with a different supervisor. She really is the best in the area!


~Tyler V. - Glendora, CA


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Dr. Heidi Taylor worked with my two boys for almost four months. My children loved her and she was very professional, on time, and caring. I would highly recommend her services.

~Lindsay V. - Westlake Village, CA


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Best best supervisor ever!!! We are totally grateful to have her in our lives. My kids love her and feel safe around her in every visit. We are really blessed to have her as our supervisor!!!

~Marcela. - San Francisco


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Can't thank Doctor Taylor enough. She truly went above and beyond for NCP and CP. A professional at the highest level. From the beginning to the end communication was fast and easy at any given time. Thanks to Doctor Taylor's reports and testimony I was granted the outcome I received which is what I wanted with the kids. Prices are affordable and worth every it. I highly recommend her. Thank you. A.P

~Mrnaldo N. - California


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Dr. Taylor was recommended to us after a horrible experience with another monitor. Dr. Taylor was very professional, kind, courteous, and understanding. She spent a lot of time with my family and we had a very positive outcome. I would highly recommend her services.

~Elin B. - Oak View, CA


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Heidi is a very organized professional that does her own work with utmost sincerity and care. Her insightful understanding of my family dynamic and child helped us through a very challenging time; I am very grateful for her work ethic and I highly recommend her for supervised visitation. She is an absolute pleasure and I am so grateful we had the opportunity to work with and learn from her many years of professional experience.


~Dana Rice

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Having been in one of the most difficult and horrible situations in my adult life, getting railroaded by my ex and an inexperienced judge at the time, I got the book slapped on me which included several months of supervised visitation! Totally undeserved but had to live with the ruling for nearly 11 months.
Heidi was hands down the most caring, wonderful, warm human being I had ever met in this field!
Not only was she a true professional and took pride and care in her work, but she had compassion, empathy, and was always willing to help me through this difficult time. My child loved her too.
She allowed me the space to be with my daughter and kept enough distance so we could have as normal a session as possible. She put our visits above her own personal business and postponed some of her Sundays to accommodate my time and she never missed a visit, was always on time, and the big one in this business .. she wrote REAL NOTES !!!!  Real accounting of our time and was always willing to present herself, her notes, and be present for us in court appearances too.
Hands down Heidi was the best-in-class supervisor In the business!  A gem of a person, a total pro, fair and impartial throughout my whole process!
Thanks to Heidi, I now have 50/50 custody again and my daughter and I are bonded stronger than ever.
If you need a supervisor and find yourself in this situation, please do yourself a favor and call Heidi!


~Ned S. - Thousand Oaks, CA


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I am so moved by our session, and I am so moved by how quickly you emailed me about it. I would absolutely participate in starting a men's group. I would love to be a part of something like that. Thank you so much for these links. I feel so full of hope after our session. I was in a really dark place this past week. I'm really looking forward to next week's session.

Thank you so much.



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Dr. Taylor was highly recommended after a false accusation was made at an ex-parte hearing after a breakup. Her detailed notes and court report were very helpful in getting the supervision order lifted. She was very kind to me and my ex which made the difficult process go as smooth as possible. It was a pleasure to have her company while my son and I soaked up our time together. Her education and many years of experience in the field provided very helpful information for the many questions I had. For anyone who needs a supervised visitation monitor I highly recommend you use Heidi.

~Brett J. - Simi Valley, CA


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Dr. Taylor was such a blessing to work with not only is she professional but she was so empathetic to the situation and truly does what is best for her clients, amazingly detail-oriented and that showed in her report. Dr. Taylor really went above and beyond for my child. Forever grateful for her services and I highly recommend her! In such hard situations, it's always a blessing to never feel like a case or just a number. She definitely helped me through one of the roughest moments in my life.


~James T. - Chatsworth, CA


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I have been seeing Dr. Heidi for almost 2 years and she is been so helpful to my self and my children. she is a very kind person very loving, my kids, they see her like a family she is very understanding. I'm so glad that she is part of our lives and hope that she can be for a long long time
thank you, Dr. Heidi!

~Martin M. - Newbury Park, CA


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Really great person to be supervised by. Heidi and I had a good conversation and knew what she was doing. The kids were also very comfortable with her. Her rules were not stricken and that allowed me to spend the time with the kids that I needed.

Thank you, Heidi Taylor


~Elijah J. - Fillmore, CA


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I totally loved the progress made with this Doctor in no time at all you can see the positive results. I'm looking forward to the positive outcome from all the positive vibes and the uplifting encounter. I'm looking forward to working with this provider again

~Sandy S. - SoMa San Fransico


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No parent wants to have supervised visitation with their children but when the situation merits the need there are some options, and many are not positive or comfortable for the kids, but with Heidi Taylor, the whole process was manageable, comfortable, and emotionally and psychologically beneficial for all parties involved.  Dr. Taylor has a great 'bedside manner' is kind, and empathetic, and has all the right words to say when there are no right words to be said.  Given her education, training, and experience it is amazing that she has some of the most affordable rates available.  I feel very blessed to have found her during such a turbulent time.

Reagan T. - Chatsworth


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My lawyer recommended Dr. Taylor for my supervision and I'm very glad I did go with Dr. Taylor...Thank you Dr. Taylor for your expertise and Honesty. Dr. Taylor keeps it professional and she's very understanding. If you have to reschedule Dr. Taylor is flexible and will work with both parties and set a day and time that Will work for both of them. I highly recommend Dr. Taylor to anyone that needs supervision...

~David M. - California


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During a humiliating, degrading, and tragic court case involving false allegations made against me by my child's father and a biased and prejudiced judge, I was forced into supervised visitation.  I had been the primary custodial parent all the child's life, so the situation was made all the worse when the judge allowed the father to select the monitor.  Dr. Heidi Taylor, the owner of Taylor Supervised Visitation, made the situation peaceful for my child and me and managed the outbursts and accusations with the father with calm, resolve, and professional confidence.  Given her dual professional designations and expertise, Dr. Taylor was able to see our situation and the truth that was hidden and forced silenced.  Being with my child with Dr. Taylor was the only peace we felt.  She is knowledgeable, caring, and professional.  I highly recommend Taylor Visitation Services and Dr. Heidi Taylor to anyone that is caught in a court-custody-battle of the worst, most heartbreaking kind.  She conducts herself with integrity, truthfulness, and trustworthiness. She cares about the children foremost and has a moral compass that surpasses any therapist I have known or worked with.


~Sarah T. - San Gabriel, CA


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Our baby was a few months old when my partner and I got into a situation. Having a small princess in our family and not having seen her for over two months before I was allowed to visit was a stressful time. I was required by the court to have supervised visitation and got a list with monitors from the court. I called a few, but some didn’t even call me back, a couple of monitors were rude and pushy, trying to sell me on their services. Didn’t feel comfortable at all going out with my baby daughter and impolite strangers. Then I got a hold of Ms. Taylor. Thanks to Heidi I had a chance to spend memorable and valuable time with my baby while the court was sorting things out. Heidi is a great monitor, kind, understanding, and fair. I then learned she has been doing it for a very long time and has earned a Ph.D. in the subject. While walking around we talked about different things and she became like a friend to me. I could tell her about my problems and ask for her opinion and since she has a doctoral degree, she would always give me good advice. I am glad I found her, I had great visits with my daughter and I would recommend Ms. Taylor to everyone who needs a person who truly cares and is not there to make a buck on you. Thanks for everything, Heidi!!

P.S. I am allowed to see my daughter without supervision now but you, Heidi, got me through the rough time and I really appreciate you for that. You are an amazing person!


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Dr. Taylor immediately evokes a sense of warmth and calm when first meeting her.  Her kind eyes and her gentle voice are what strike you but it's her "vibe" and presence that stays with you.  After our family was torn apart, she played a key role in helping bridge the gap and allowing our family to be reunited in a safe and toxic-free space.  Whether it was in the cold park by the beach or in our warm living room, Dr. Taylor is the consummate professional and works hard to maintain appropriate boundaries that are both safe and respectful of all parties.  She is both considerate and compassionate and we wholeheartedly recommend her services.  Dr. Taylor has been with our family in the trenches, so to speak, and will always hold a special place in our hearts.

~The Pabers Family

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Heidi, thank you for helping us once again to see the light in our grandchildren's eyes. May the coming year bring you love, peace and light. 

~Debbie & Richard

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I would 100% deeply agree with these reviews about Dr. Taylor. From my experience with  Dr. Taylor is very caring, nurturing, and highly attuned.  Dr. Taylor is extremely professional and very observant. It’s fair to say when Dr. Taylor is asked to monitor that it can be a fairly high-stress and contentious situation. At our visits, she was composed and able to moderate the situations between the parents to her best ability. Dr. Taylor helped make my minor child feel comfortable and stable while the other parent decided to observe, record, and follow the visits. My child felt uneasy at first with all the confusion of a situation that was very abnormal, but Dr. Taylor diffused the situation enough that the child included her in the games she played!! The visit went from uneasy to ease with Dr. Taylor’s participation in helping lessen the tension. I highly recommend Dr. Taylor!!

~Katie D.

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